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Hundreds of thousands of businesses around the world are NOW accepting BITCOIN. Everyday more and more businesses are accepting BITCOIN! The adoption rate is much faster than the time it took for businesses to accept credit cards! Click Here to see some of the many businesses worldwide that now accept BITCOIN.


Have full access and control over your funds at all times. Accept Bitcoin on your website or mobile device directly from your customers for goods and services. There is no third party or middleman to deal with. Automatically convert based on the market rate at the time of transaction into your local currency, retain the digital currency or the third option is keep any percentage in any currency you choose.

CoinPay is taking the payment industry by storm and is the best way to accept payments online and on mobile devices! The worlds first Smart Payment App that allows merchants to accept multiple digital currencies on the same invoice and then automatically convert them to USD or another Fiat currency. Accepting digital payments is easy, safe, and secure for you and your buyers. Our Bitcoin payment gateway offers you anonymity, low fees, stability, and flexibility.

Contact us if you would like to know more about Coinpay as a Merchant and business owner who wants to accept digital currency as payment from your customers.

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